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Registered and Free users - Download speed up to 400kb/s!
December 14th, 2017

Hello, has upgraded the download speed for free and registered users.

From 100kb/s and 200kb/s to 400kb/s!


Free Download for All
November 06th, 2017


WickedCloud has made available free download for all members.

Free members and Registered members can download without bandwidth limitations which means that you can download all day as much as you want.

There is a speed limitation for free users up to 100kb/s and for registered users up to 200kb/s.

We changed earnings tables because of that too.

Happy downloading!

Updating datacenter servers
September 26th, 2017

We are updating our datacenter servers.

You might experience upload or download problems.

Estimated maintenance time is 20h.

Thank you for your patience.

Premium file deletion changes
August 24th, 2017

Due to recent high and rapid growth, we decided to trash Premium files older than 365 days.

The change will happen at 1st September 2017.

From unlimited file keeping of unused and used files we will be deleting automatically files that are not being downloaded for more than 365 days.

We will eventually provide dedicated backup for Premium Business clients which will not have expiring files.

Slow site - fixed
August 24th, 2017

Due to heavily increased traffic we had issues with the site speed and stability.

It's all fixed now.

Thank you all for reporting the issues.

Stream your videos at
August 18th, 2017


From now you can upload your videos which will be converted to mp4 format.

You can share your favorite videos for online streaming.

Full preview of videos will be counted as a download.

Holiday from 24.7.2017 to 24.8.2017
July 24th, 2017


WickedCloud staff will be on holiday for a month.

We appreciate your patience.

Security Lock - Please Enable
June 09th, 2017


Due to some hacked accounts we would like to ask our members to change their passwords to complex passwords and to abilitate SECURITY LOCK so that the hacker cannot change your email and password.

Please make sure you check the Session table too to see if there is a strange ip connected recently to your account.

Regards, Staff!

Scam/Fraud in the name of
June 09th, 2017


Recently we got information that some websites are scamming their users saying that the owners of the respective sites are in a business deal with us and that we shall provide premium accounts for their sites and users.


- We support only our OFFICIAL RESELLERS.

There is no website that we support in the way as described above.

Do not fall for scam and fraud where admins of those scam sites will take your money and say that we did not deliver PREMIUM ACCOUNTS.

Regards, Staff!

Payment fees updated
June 01th, 2017


We have updated the withdrawal payment fees according to payment gateways.

You can read more about it in My Account-> Configure Payment Withdrawal-> Read More

Server upload error
April 23th, 2017


Due to a bug users recieved "no server to upload" error message.

That has been fixed.

Reseller prices reduced
April 13th, 2017


We have furtherly reduced our reselling prices to our resellers.

Upload/Download Speed issues
March 28th, 2017

Reported issues with speed have been investigated.

It's a DC problem which they have been informed of.

Thank you for your patience.

New payment method for premium buyers: HiPay
March 11th, 2017

We added a new payment method call HiPay which has many payment methods included per country.

Upload issues
March 11th, 2017


We are facing upload issues.
We found the problem, we are working on it.

Hopefully in a few hours we'll be back functional!

We greatly appreciate your patience in the meanwhile.

Edit: Issues fixed

Added new payment methods
February 22th, 2017

We added a new payment method gateway from Payssion which offers more than 50 payment methods for you to use to buy Premium accounts from WickedCloud.


AmericanExpress (Brazil)
BanAmex (Mexico)
Banco de Chile
Bancomer (Mexico)
Bank Card (Yandex.Money)
Bitcash (Japan)
Cash (Yandex.Money)
Creditcard (Japan)
DinersClub (Brazil)
Elo (Brazil)
Hipercard (Brazil)
MasterCard (Brazil)
MasterCardDebit (Mexico)
Mastercard (Mexico)
Netcash (Japan)
Online Banking Payment
Oxxo (Mexico)
Russia Bank transfer
Russian Post centres
Russian Standard Bank
Santander (Mexico)
Visa (Brazil)
Visa (Mexico)
VisaDebit (Mexico)

New payout methods
February 22th, 2017

We added Payza, Skrill and WebMoney for our users to be able to withdraw money.

February 15th, 2017

We had a serious downtime due to our datacenter.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Therefore, all our Premium Users will get one day free premium now!

Premium Packages
February 15th, 2017

We have added Premium Traffic packages for those members who want traffic with no time limit.

Increasing Free and Registered users download speed
February 02th, 2017


We have increased download speed for Free and Registered members.

For free it's 100kb/s and for Registered it's 150kb/s.

We have also decreased waiting times between downloads.

Registered users - Premium download for 2 days
January 24th, 2017


We are giving 2 days free premium download for all registered users.

Premium users will get 2 days extra!

Regards, Staff

Rewards Upgrade - Up to 35€ / 1000 downloads
January 06th, 2017

Dear users,

From the latest statistics we have gathered it appears that we have most traffic coming from Italy, that's why we decided to reward you even more and increase the Tier 1 table rewards up to 35€ for 1000 downloads!!!

For sure we'll have some discounts and offers during the 2017 that we'll announce via News section.

We hope you will like the changes we made for Italian members and we hope to give an even better service in the future.

Happy New Year from Staff!